Review: Thermoworks Digital Thermometer RT600C

thermoworksIt is not an overstatement to say that this digital thermometer is essential for any cook in your life, in the backyard or in the kitchen. With a quick read of only 6 seconds, this water-resistant thermometer can tell you exactly the internal temp of your meat, preventing under and overcooking. Never again will you worry about your ribeye being overdone, the holiday turkey being cooked to a safe temperature, or when your pork shoulder hits 190° F.  It will make the chef in your life a better cook. I’ve owned mine for three years,  and I use it every time I cook. This is truly a must.

As an aside, I was recently volunteered unexpectedly to BBQ a pork loin at a family gathering out-of-state. Of course, I didn’t have my thermometer with me and had to rely on the old-fashioned bimetal dial meat thermometer.  As luck would have it, it was unreliable and inaccurate. Result? Overcooked. I was embarrassed. That would NOT have happened if I was using this digital thermometer.  Enough said?

Cost: about $20

Near instant and pin-point readings can be made just like the pros with this professional Thermapen for about$89.

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