Campaign to End Turkey Jerky! Importance of Bird Size

The best guide to sumptuously succulent turkey. Why? Because life is too short for a dry holiday dinner. Shun the turkey jerky!

Bigger Isn’t BetterTurkey Dinner

The best bet for a juicy and tender bird is a smaller bird. Smaller birds are usually younger and younger birds are more tender than older birds. Who wants to gnaw on a tough old tom?! A smaller bird also enables more even cooking at a lower temperature and a shorter cook time. Ultimately this leads to a more evenly moist bird. No turkey jerky here!

What size are we taking about?

A bird around 11-13 pounds is usually substantial enough to feed a large family gathering without roasting a monster bird. Roasting about 1 pound of bird per person will typically result in left-overs. (Mmmmm… turkey sandwiches!) If you are feeding an army larger than13 or 14, then consider roasting two smaller birds instead of one large one. The cook time will be less than a single large bird and you will have all the advantages smaller birds offer.

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