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Careful with than brine!

If you are planning on brining your turkey today, read the label and proceed carefully. If you are cooking a commercially prepared bird, it almost certainly has already been brined, whether it is fresh or frozen. Most frozen birds have … Continue reading

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Turkey Talk

Find tips for bird size, roasting temp, and final temps that leave your bird succulently moist and full o’ flavor with our Campaign to End Turkey Jerky here. My favorite flavors for a tantalizing turkey dinner are bacon and lime … Continue reading

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Big Bull Buffalo Sauce From

Buffalo Sauce — a spicy, tangy, thin sauce that slightly sears but leaves you begging for more.  I am not one for fads and fashion in foods, and some say buffalo sauce is passé . But nothing else compares to … Continue reading

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Whole Wheat and Oat Soda Bread

The rustic allure of an Irish-American soda bread recently tempted me into giving it a go. Wow! I am glad I did!  This recipe quickly yields a flavorful, filling bread that looks as beautiful as it is tasty.  It is … Continue reading

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Man Cannot Live by Meat Alone Soft Pretzels

Man cannot live by meat alone — beer and pretzels are also essential!  These soft pretzels are unbelievably good, and dangerous when combined with beer and dipped in spicy mustard.  Your BBQ & beer buds will not believe these twists … Continue reading

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