A Royal Smoke Ring

A Royal Smoke Ring! No, those ribs are NOT rare. The pink is the highly sought-after smoke ring. When smoked properly, meat is imparted with unbelievable layers of flavor.

Like you, I long for the indescribable savory deliciousness of hand-crafted meals that can only come from one’s own backyard grill or kitchen, not a package, a store, or a restaurant. Creating such delectable delights takes some skill, & a little practice for a successful and delicious dish. Relax — I’ll be your guide to  start you on the right path to flavorful success.

My journey of foodie-frolicking began by trying to learn as much as I could about the processes and techniques for beautiful BBQ. Although I found some great resources, many lacked completeness of explanation or simplicity of instruction to ensure success for the beginner.

That’s where this site comes in. Here you will find easy step-by step instructions for to create incredible dishes. I’ll share my recipes with you and tips for making amazing backyard culinary creations. From the best smoked meat you ever tasted, to indescribable homemade ice cream, you can create dishes your friends will talk about long after the food is gone. The flavors will linger on in your dreams.

So, let’s start. Choose an article or recipe and let the flavor begin!

Mouth watering? Question? Join the conversation!

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