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Alright my foodie friends!  I have just learned of another BBQ technique that originates in Germany known as schwenker.   Essentially,  pork that has had a long marinade in onions and wine is direct-grilled over a wood fire (traditionally charcoal and grape vines). However, the grill is suspended from a tripod by chains and is kept in motion throughout the cook for even heat.

I am excited to give this a try! Here is my challenge to you: try schwenker for the first time, document it with pics or video on a sharing network like Flickr or YouTube and send me a link.  I will link to the best ones here.

ARE YOU IN??  He are some links, including the original NPR story that caught my eye with the recipe they posted that I am going to try:

Creating a Schwenker World, One Backyard Grill at a Time

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Traditional Recipe*


5 pounds pork chops (with bone) or pork neck cuts, seasoned with salt and pepper

5 pounds onions, chopped into wedges

Handful of thyme sprigs

1 cup Riesling wine

Mix the ingredients together in a container, and refrigerate for three days. Cook on the schwenker (tossing the onions and herbs on the grill as well), ideally over a grape vine fire, until done to your liking on each side.

* from Anne Junglen of Zeltingen, Germany, originally published by NPR.

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1 Response to Schwenk The World!

  1. Scott says:

    I’ve picked up supplies to make what I hope will be a simple and successful schwenker. If possible, I will post materials & directions for construction. I hope that will persuade some people to give it a try?

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