Royal Wing-Ding!

Friends don’t let friends eat bland wings! Recently I had wings at a social get-together with colleagues and friends at a local favorite hang-out. My friends made multiple comments about how good the wings were. I was thoroughly underwhelmed. I didn’t want to contradict my colleagues, lest I be pegged a wing snob in light of their Midwestern pallets. Secretly I was thinking they had no idea what flavorful wings taste like.

Life is too short for the same-old basic wings, especially when the Royals have made it to the World Series! Instead of plain sauce or a mild rub, treat your World Series guests to a Royal Wing-Ding and amp up the flavor! Here on you can find two amazingly flavorful recipes that will give your wings new life, and light up the eyes of your guests.  Seriously — when I served piri-piri wings to some friends from Turkey last week, the first thing said was, can I have the recipe?!

Piri Chicken FlavorsPiri-piri is a wonderful fusion of Portuguese and South African flavors that can be easily made with Tobasco in place of the piri-piri sauce (the peppers are variants of the same species). But if you have never piri-piri, you are in for a real treat — the lemon, garlic, and cilantro are sublime!


Jerked Chicken PlatterJamaican jerk is another flavor that is so unique, fresh, and flavorful. You probably already have everything you need in your spice cabinet to make this wonderful dish. I bet you have not had wings anything like jerked wings!

Give either one of these recipes a try. Better yet, make them both and treat your geuests to a Royal Wing-Ding! I bet your tailgating and cook-outs will never be the same!

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