Help for Education!


Courtesy of Ranveig, Wikimedia Commons.

My foodie friends, one reason I have this BBQ blog is because love teaching people — something I do professionally. As an educator, I have been selected as a finalist for a trip-of-a-lifetime Teacher Trek travel grant to India to support my teaching! I need your vote!!

Public voting selects the top 15 who will be funded by the Hilton rewards program. Voting lasts just a few more days and you may vote once per day. Some voters will receive a $250 gift card from Hilton!

My proposal and the voting forum are at the link below. Scroll down to Scott W. I genuinely appreciate your support in helping make this enriching experience a reality!


PS: If funded, I promise to explore the food of India and report back to you!

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2 Responses to Help for Education!

  1. Sangeeta says:

    Done. You are welcome to my country

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