BBQ Tip: Bulk Spices, Herbs & Containers

Bulk Spice ContainersSpices are huge when it comes to the flavor of your BBQ.  If you are going to rub your butt (I love sayin’ that!) or season your seared steak with any amount of herbs or spices, you should consider buying in bulk.  It will save you money!

The last time I checked prices at my local wholesale store, spices in bulk were approximately 1/5 the cost of the traditional small spice-rack-sized containers at my local discount grocery store.  By the time you buy enough of the small containers to get enough paprika to rub your picnic roast, you’ve likely spent as much as the bulk spice costs.  And you would also have lots of spice left over for future recipes.  Additionally, it is easier and more efficient to make a larger batch of rub and store it for your next BBQ.

When it comes to storage, save your old bulk spice containers for storing your rubs. The shaker tops make for easy application on cuts of meat, whether you are rubbing your ribs for the cook or seasoning right before serving.

Memphis Mop SpiceDon’t have any empty bulk containers available just yet?  Use quart or pint mason canning jar.

Be sure to store your sealed spices in a dark and dry area, such as a cupboard or pantry. This will help maintain freshness and nutrients.  Looking for a great pork or poultry rub for your next BBQ?  Try my Sweet Chile Wonder Rub (which does not have much cayenne) or my Southern Spice Dry Rub and let me know what you think.

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1 Response to BBQ Tip: Bulk Spices, Herbs & Containers

  1. griffinsgrub says:

    Great tip. I always use my old spice containers to hold home made rub.

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